Senior Network Security Consultant

Company: Direct IT Recruiting Inc.

Location: Toronto

Status: 1 Year Contract

Job Reference No: 672

Job Category: Network, Security, Infrastructure

Career Level: Senior

Number of Staff to Supervise: N/A

Work Experience: 10+ years CISCO, Network, Security, CISSP, CCNA, ITIL

Industry: Government


Senior Network Security Consultant


Job Title: Senior Network Security Consultant

Company: Direct IT Recruiting Inc.

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Status: 1 Year Contract

Job Category: Network, Cisco, Security, Infrastructure architecture

Career Level: Senior

Work Experience: 10+ years CISCO, Network, Security, CISSP, CCNA, ITIL

Industry: Government



·       Perform Network Integration and Deployment Responsibilities; Data Awareness and Monitoring responsibilities; Network Security Implementation responsibilities and Network/Security and Data Solution Implementation and QA responsibilities

·       Previous experience supporting large and complex networks

·       Working in a team environment, provide analysis, adoption recommendations and options to support the ministry’s agenda for telecommunications access across the province

·       Provide support to IT staff through assisted analysis, design, recommendations and transition plans development

·       Provides subject matter expertise, advice, consultancy and training in leading edge technologies such as SD-WAN, Wi-Fi networking, Next Generation Security and Data Awareness architecture. Provide hands on assistance with the implementation of these technologies

·       Create / update system documentation and technical specifications

·       Provide Insight into carriers data technologies

·       Provide insight into Telco’s distribution networks

·       Participate in evaluating requirements, review readiness and provide options recommendations

·       Participate in reviewing security architecture proposals and provide recommendations for improved protect from external and internal threats, attack surface, and vectors

·       Provide advice and guidance network matters including but not limited to security

·       Assist in administering and providing demos on broadband technologies to various stakeholders

·       Evaluate emerging and leading edge broadband technologies and solutions.



·       Working knowledge of telecommunication principles and networking

·       Working knowledge of Network Performance Management and tools

·       Working knowledge of Network Traffic Analysis

·       Experience with data communication - WAN technologies, LAN, wireless, internet service, routers, switches, Wifi etc

·       Experience with Software Defined Networks (SDN) such as SD WAN

·       Working knowledge of switching architecture and protocols (Layer3, Layer2, VLANs, Trucking, Spanning Tree) for High Availability infrastructures

·       Working knowledge of Network Authentication with Traffic management and Prioritization (QOS)

·       Experience in LAN and WAN access implementations (LANX, T1, Gig-E, Frame- relay, MPLS)

·       Experience with Security Framework, policies and standards

·       Working knowledge of Network Security and Data Awareness Monitoring tools and technologies

·       Experience with technical analysis and troubleshooting networks and telecommunications topologies and architectures

·       Experience with Anti-spam, Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware and Anti-Ransom Ware Management systems

·       Experience of SIEM tools Experience in Threat Analytics

·       Previous experience in network forensic analysis, Audit & Compliance activities and ISO27001 implementations

·       Working knowledge of IoT Security issues and data capturing mechanisms

·       Experience with Design and Build of a Data Network Data Monitoring and Management System Knowledge of HP OpenView / SolarWind /PRTG

·       Demonstrated experience with Network Data Traffic awareness, including enterprise tools, technologies and mechanism

·       Technical experience on Network Data Traffic analysis and tools (SolarWinds, Wireshark, Net Analysers etc)